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I wrote a review for the Sailor Moon Crystal First Limited Blu-Ray~ Here’s a sneak peek from a picture heavy post~! 

♡ Read it here at my blog jennicchi 

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 1 [Limited Release]

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It’s a dream! A dream! Every girl’s dream! 

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四守護 by となりの小部屋 on pixiv

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Si vous aimez Sailor Moon, jetez-donc un oeil aux marque-pages de Pki, et bien sûr retrouvez-les sur son tumblr et sur notre site web !

If you are into Sailor Moon, please check out Piki's bookmarks. And, as always, find them on her tumblr and on out website!

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I am beyond touched and excited to have won the Anime News Network Sailor Moon contest. Thank you so much, Tohei and VIZ! All of the entries were incredibly moving and extremely beautiful. Sailor Moon really helped me get through a very somber childhood, as it did for so many others. Here is a little doodle to celebrate the amazing fandom! 

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fan challenge - twenty relationships: the sailor senshi (4/20)

we want to always be together, to live together just as we are. I want to make a future with everyone. no matter how tough it gets, I just want to live my life with these people…! [x]

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